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Sleep apnea

Why You Should Take Snoring Seriously

Snoring isn’t just an annoyance; it can have serious health consequences. Fortunately, there are treatment options at Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City. What is Snoring? Snoring is most often caused by an an obstruction that restricts the flow of air in the throat. The obstruction can be caused by: Poor muscle tone in the

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How Is Snoring Different From Sleep Apnea?

It’s estimated that 50% of people snore at some point during their life. Sleep apnea is a more serious, but also common sleep disorder. Snoring and sleep apnea are related. Many people who snore also have sleep apnea. However, the conditions are not always present together. Why Is Sleep Apnea So Dangerous? People who suffer

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Chronic Sleep Problems?

If you feel tired and sluggish during the day, and your bed  partner tells you that you snore, you may have a conditiion call sleep apnea. Snoring and sleep apnea are treatable at Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City. What is sleep apnea? It’s a potentially health-threatening condition in which your breathing periodically stops while

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Sleep Apnea Is A Serious Health Threat

At Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City, we often see patients who have been struggling with inadequate sleep for months or even years. Some of these individuals end up being diagnosed with sleep apnea or related conditions. You Can’t Just “Tough It Out” Sleep apnea is a condition in which someone stops breathing repeatedly through

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Suspect You Might Have Sleep Apnea?

Do you  think you might have sleep apnea? It’s crucial to your health to get help soon. If left untreated, it can become life-threatening. We can treat it at Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City. Does your bed partner tell you that you frequently stop breathing during the night? What if you sleep alone? Here are some

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Treat Sleep Apnea In Daly City

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that requires treatment by a professional. Kenneth Hovden DDS  works with sleep apnea patients in Daly City, and throughout the South San Francisco area. People with sleep apnea stop breathing as they sleep. It can happen anywhere from a few to hundreds of times per night. When breathing

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