Your Smile (Ages 1-20)

Our practice ensures you will be absolutely confident with the decisions you make regarding your dental health. We build relationships with our clients and value every patient’s overall well being, with a relaxing and trusting environment that promises a positive experience.

Preventative care is the foundation for long term dental health. Through early education and developing a strong comfort level with your child’s dentist, you will be setting your loved ones on a successful path and forming healthy dental habits that will last a lifetime. As you well know, young children and teens are exceptionally sensitive about their appearance during these formative years. Teaching them dental responsibility will not only encourage them to live a healthier life style, it will help their self esteem. A child’s smile will shine even brighter with positive reinforcement of good dental practices.

Imperative for your child’s dental health:

  • Before the age of three, every child should be seeing their dentist regularly for check ups.
  • Your child may be more apt to develop healthy eating habits and avoid sweets if encouraged by a trusted professional. Your dentist can see the early warning signs of potential risks, including Bulimia and other disorders that may present oral symptoms.

Recommended for your child’s dental health:

  • Your child may not require early orthodontics if the proper preventive measure are taken by an astute dental practitioner, which could potentially save your child years of discomfort and your family thousands of dollars.
  • Salients which adhere to your children’s teeth may be additional measures to employ that will prevent tooth decay in places where it is difficult to brush.
  • Early solutions for bad breath can also last a lifetime.

Additional suggestions for your child’s dental health:

  • Something as simple as teeth whitening could really enhance your teen’s self image.
  • Custom mouth guards can greatly decrease the risk of oral injury in teen athletes.

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