Your Smile (Ages 20–40)

We pride ourselves in building relationships with our patients, as well as a level of trust that will ensure confidence in all of your oral health decisions. By understanding and meeting all of your needs, our practice strives to be sensitive to your complete personal well being, and we provide the dental solutions that most effectively fit those needs. Our goal is to enhance your self image as well as your oral health.

It is often easy to neglect regular professional dental care due to either a lack of warning signs or a busy schedule. Sometimes developing problems do not present typical symptoms, which could lead to serious trouble years down the road. Remembering to practice good dental habits could prevent long term dental problems and also help to increase your self-esteem.

Necessary for Your Dental Health:

  • Problems including cavities, broken teeth, or gum disease can be discovered early with regularly scheduled checkups to your dentist. This could greatly decrease the need for more invasive dental procedures.
  • More serious conditions, such as oral cancer, can be detected early if you are seen regularly by a dental professional.
  • A pregnant woman can develop serious complications due to gum disease, including preeclampsia or seizure disorders. Some complications—such as eclampsia—may even be fatal.
  • A sudden disruption from wisdom teeth could cause pain or discomfort and also create unwanted crowding or shifting in your other teeth.

Recommended for Your Dental Health:

  • Facing the world with a beautiful smile can be the confidence booster you need. We are ready and willing to give you the gorgeous smile you deserve.
  • Surveys show that an overwhelming number of people believe that an unattractive smile can inhibit a successful career and stall your social life.

Bonus for Your Dental Health:

  • A new smile could make you feel better than you ever have before, and it can come at an amazingly affordable price! Feel comfortable and extraordinary, and become a better you!

Proudly Treating Smiles of All Ages in the South San Francisco Area

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