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Your Smile (Ages 40–65)

We build long lasting and solid relationships with our patients, making you completely comfortable about your dental health. Our quality care is unmatchable, and we strive to provide you with the oral dental solutions designed specifically for you. Be confident that your oral health rests in the hands of experienced professionals that will give you the recommendations and dental care that is right for all of your oral health needs.

So many great years of your life are ahead! Why not face them with a sparkling smile? As times and trends change, advances in technology make your health care even easier. As always, though, it is important to maintain your dental health.

You deserve the highest quality care available, and our practice will do everything we can to give you that. We’re ready to help you show off a beautiful smile that will wow everyone you know.

Things You Must Do for Your Dental Health:

  • Chances for gum disease greatly increase after the age of 35. Don’t ignore the signs of this disorder! Visiting your dentist regularly and talking about the signs and symptoms will help you avoid any future problems.
  • Often, oral health issues are indications of more serious health concerns. Learn to recognize the possibility of other complications by discussing your oral health regularly with your dentist.

Things You Should Do for Your Dental Health:

  • Fillings you received earlier in life are most likely silver mercury amalgam. These fillings can be very noticeable, and may even be the cause of some damage in the structure of teeth. There are also concerns about the mercury content in this amalgam.
  • Thanks to new technology, you can now replace each of these older fillings. Be sure to discuss the option of white composite fillings with your dentist.

Things You Still Could Do for Your Dental Health:

  • People definitely go to extremes when it comes to looking and feeling younger, including somewhat controversial procedures like plastic surgery and breast implants, or medications like Viagra. But a winning, white smile is truly the key to a youthful appearance. Procedures such as teeth whitening in combination with porcelain veneers can give you a beautiful youthful glow.

Keep Your Smile Looking Young and Healthy in Daly City

Call us today to find out what we can do give you a beautiful smile!

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