TMJ Treatment

TMD / TMJ Treatment for Headaches in Daly City, CA

TMJ treatment with a Daly City dentist near PacificaIf you experience migraine headaches or chronic neck, face, or jaw pain you may be suffering from TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder. The TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, connects the jaw and skull in front of each ear. Because this joint is used regularly for eating and talking, it is considered the most used joint in the body. The surrounding nerves and muscles quickly tighten in pain when tension or damage occurs to the joint.

Dr. Hovden can offer headache relief and reduce other TMD symptoms with TMJ treatment. Treatments vary according to the cause and severity of your TMJ Disorder. Dr. Hovden is a highly trained dentist in San Mateo County who has won several awards and accreditation for his excellence in restorative cosmetic dentistry. He has worked with some of the top dentists from across the world to teach and learn the most modern dental techniques. He can help you diagnose the cause of your TMJ Disorder and find a comfortable, pain-relieving solution.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder (TMD):

  • Tension or migraine headaches
  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Earaches
  • Diminished hearing or vision
  • Neck, jaw, or back pain
  • Tinnitus (ringing in ears)
  • Clicking, locking, or popping of jaw

TMJ Syndrome Causes and TMJ Treatments

treatment for TMD headaches with a South San Francisco dentist near PacificaTMD is most commonly caused from a misaligned bite. As the surrounding neck, jaw, and face muscles strain to correct the misalignment, painful tension results. Other causes of damage or stress to the TMJ include teeth grinding (bruxism), arthritis, jaw dislocation, and injury. Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City offers a variety of TMD treatments depending on the cause and severity of your case:

Bite Alignment: If Dr. Hovden concludes that your TMJ syndrome is caused by a bite misalignment, he will design a specialized plan for realigning your jaw to its natural and most comfortable position. When the jaw is in its proper place, the surrounding muscles and joints are no longer strained, thus relieving any pain that you are experiencing.

TMJ Dental Appliance: Kenneth Hovden DDS also provides splints and mouth guards that can reposition the jaw and relieve neck, jaw, and head pain.

Medication: Some cases of TMD require an anti-inflammatory medication to sooth the pain. You can learn about the available options when you come in for an initial dental consultation.

Hot and Cold Therapy: Hot and cold are alternately applied to the area in pain, soothing the muscles and joints for reduced pain.

Movement Reduction: You can begin soothing your TMJ pain by reducing tough foods and gum from your diet. Excessive chewing and movement can further aggravate your TMJ until you can have a dental professional diagnose and treat your TMD.

To experience jaw pain relief and reduce headaches, call our South San Francisco area dental office in Daly City today or fill out the simple form on this page to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Kenneth Hovden.