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Dental Crowns

Get Beautiful Porcelain Crowns in Daly City

Dental crowns can both repair and strengthen your pre-existing tooth, making them an excellent solution for severely damaged teeth. Because they are placed over the original structure, dental crowns are often referred to as “teeth caps.”

These crowns are normally reserved for teeth that have extensive damage that traditional fillings would be unable to repair. With a variety of dental crowns to choose from, porcelain crowns have become very popular due to their translucent tooth-like quality.

dental crown repair in Daly City and Pacifica

Possible Uses for Dental Crowns:

  • Protection for teeth that are either cracked or decayed.
  • Strengthening a tooth that may be too weak for a porcelain veneer.
  • Dental bridge support.

The Restoration Process with Porcelain Crowns

If a porcelain crown is recommended at your consultation with South San Francisco dentist Dr. Hovden, DDS, the full restoration process usually takes about 2–3 visits. After the initial preparation, Dr. Hovden will take dental impressions in Daly City. These are then sent to laboratory professionals, who will create a crown specifically crafted to your unique smile. During this time you will have a temporary crown to wear.

A brief animation depicting the preparation for and application of a dental crown.

Porcelain Crown Benefits:

tooth crown and porcelain crowns with a South San Francisco dentist near Pacifica

  • Aesthetics:Your dental crowns are made especially to match your existing teeth, but that’s not all! Other than repair, more aesthetic benefits include beautification and symmetry of your smile.
  • Timeliness: The process of applying crowns normally takes only 2–3 office visits.
  • Durability: As long as proper dental care is maintained, dental crowns will often last for several years.
  • Restoration:  You can completely regain your beautiful smile! No more worrying about cracked or damaged teeth. Dental crowns are a reliable way to reinvigorate your smile and ensure future oral health.
  • Prevention: Because caps are placed over the natural tooth, they can prevent further damage caused by bacteria.
  • Support: Crowns will give your damaged teeth the support they need to bite, chew, and smile without pain or further damage. Enjoy the foods you love with no worries.

Learn More About This Versatile Tooth Restoration in South San Francisco

Contact us today in Daly City to discuss the benefits of dental crowns and how they can greatly improve your oral health! Dr. Hovden and our staff are happy to help the residents of South San Francisco and Pacifica!

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