Laser Dentistry

Dental Lasers in Daly City, California

Laser dentistry is an emerging dental technology used in general and restorative dentistry. Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City, CA is among the highly skilled dental practices starting to use this effective technique. Dental laser technology allows for shorter treatment time, less pain, and higher precision. Among their many uses, dental lasers are most commonly used for cavity detection, gum treatments, sealant applications, tooth whitening, and mouth surgeries.
dental laser technology with a dentist Daly City

Laser Dentistry Benefits

Dental lasers provide a wide variety of benefits including the following:

  • Usually pain-free, often eliminating the need for anesthesia
  • No stitches (suturing) required after gum procedures
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Increased oral health since dental laser heat reduces bacterial infections
  • Faster healing time due to less trauma during procedure
  • More accurate decay detection
  • Reduced damage to surrounding tissues
  • Increased precision during procedures

Dental Laser Expertise at Kenneth Hovden DDS in San Mateo County

laser dentistry with a South San Francisco dentist near PacificaIf you experience dental anxiety or are cavity-prone, laser dentistry may be the solution for you. Dr. Ken Hovden and his qualified staff are highly trained in effectively using laser dentistry for restorative and general dentistry. Dental lasers are much more effective at detecting tooth decay than older techniques of probing each tooth and looking at x-rays. Because laser dentistry is pain-free for many dental procedures, many patients find they feel more relaxed and comfortable. In addition to patient comfort, dental lasers increase the range of available dental procedures since they are more precise and create less trauma to the surrounding tissues and teeth.

By placing your smile in the skilled hands of Dr. Ken Hovden, you can feel confident in achieving aesthetic results. By taking a look on his Meet the Doctor page at his numerous awards, credentials, and invitations to mentor other dentists, you can see that Dr. Ken Hovden does everything he can to ensure that you can have the healthy, beautiful smile you want.

You can see if laser dentistry is for you by calling our South San Francisco area dental office in Daly City, California today or filling out the simple form on this page to set up an initial dental consultation at Kenneth Hovden DDS.