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Testimonials for Daly City Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Hovden

It’s not easy for South San Francisco cosmetic dentist Dr. Ken Hovden to blow his own horn—he’s not that kind of guy. So, we’ve asked a few of our patients to blow it for him. Let us know if you’d like more names and phone numbers. We’d be happy to provide them.

“I always have a pleasant experience at Dr. Hovden’s office. The staff is super friendly and everyone tries to anticipate your needs. The complimentary dental goodies are also a nice personal touch. Five stars!”

“I can’t say how happy and confident I feel now with my new smile!”

“Dr. Hovden & staff are great! They are super friendly and fast; I never have to wait for my appointment. Dr. Hovden’s exam’s are extremely thorough and painless, even goes beyond the normal dental exam (i.e., oral cancer check and fluoride treatment). It is a friendly, family like environment. Dr. Hovden always asks about my family and remembers our conversations form visit to visit. Plus you get a toothbrush and lip balm after each visit. I love the lip balm!”

“Have been seeing Dr. Hovden all my adult life. He has an incredible connection with his patients. He explains everything very clearly and I have the utmost trust in him. I would highly recommend him.”

“I have been a client of the Hovden dental practice for over twenty years. My daughter and I always feel at home with them. Their professionalism and their respect for their patients is a Class Act.”

“Always the best, that’s why I come all the way from SF (and El Cerrito!) to see you!”

“Recent appointment was for cleaning and it was a very pleasant and easy experience. Learned new tips for better cleaning in my back molars.”

“I have written three Yelp reviews and one of them was for Dr. Hovden’s office. His team exceeded my expectations and I no longer dread or avoid going to the dentist. I recommend them to everyone I know and anyone that complains about their dentist.”

“I have been receiving my dental care with Dr. Hovden for many years. The care has always been excellent, I have always been seen on time, and the staff is very nice. I would highly recommend this dental practice.”

“I had a great experience with Dr. Hovden and am so pleased with his cosmetic dentistry work. I went in for my first appointment six weeks before my wedding, hoping to fix a few things that have always bothered me about my smile. Dr. Hovden was very accommodating and created a plan to fix the problem areas in my short timeline. Every detail of the process was thoroughly explained and a very conservative approach was emphasized. He focused on making sure I was happy with the progress and results on each visit. I was thrilled with the outcome and LOVE my smile! I would highly recommend Dr. Hovden to anyone looking for a cosmetic dentist. He is a true specialist and great takes pride in his work.”

“Great team and most helpful, experienced professionals. I trust Dr. Hovden’s advice and recommendations 100%. His dental work is meticulous and he utilizes the best techniques for achieving optimal dental and oral health. He and his dental team, including his orthodontist, Caryn Hovden, are the best in their fields.”

“I have my teeth cleaned every 4 months now rather than 6 months (stain, plague, etc.) Natalia is excellent. She is thorough, conscientious, and does a great job. She is proud of the quality of her work and taking care of her patients.”

“Dr. Hovden & staff are very professional and personable! I’ve never had to wait more than 5 mins.”

“I’m always pleased with my dental care.”

“Everything was perfect”

“We have been using Dr. Hovden as our dentist for more than thirty years and would highly recommend his dental practice to others.”

“I have referred friends, co workers, and patients of my own to Dr. Hovden, and they have been just as pleased as I with their experience!”

“Sincerely, Dr. Hovden is the best dentist and his staff is friendly & helpful. He is my family dentist and he put 8 beautiful veneers on my teeth and performed gum surgery for me. I have had dental veneers and gum surgery at other dental offices and Dr. Hovden is the most competent! I highly recommend him!”

“I have always tried to find the perfect dentist all my life. I am perfectionist that really had a hard time finding the perfect fit for my dental needs and sure did! Dr. Hovden is the very best there is. His team is what you want for your care. From making appointment to having him review findings after a cleaning… I love them…”

“I was one of those people fearful of dentist until I found Dr. Hovden. I call him and his team my guardian angels. Honestly, there isn’t a better place to have your dental care. I wish I could send him lots of patients that are in need of the same help I needed when I found him. I love his dental care and personal approach to treatment! I highly recommend his clinic.”

“It’s always good to know that I’m receiving good dental care when I see Dr. Hovden. Have been going to him for years. He and his staff are very professional.”

“I am impressed with the care, professionalism, and thoroughness of Dr. Ken Hovden and his clinical and office staff. I also feel that they care about me and my health in a personal way. They remember me, advise me, and are always cheerful, pleasant and, I feel, truly concerned. This is a great dental practice… I trust Dr. Hovden’s expertise entirely and have been a lifelong patient of this practice, even seeing his Mom as my dentist before Ken.”

“Best dental services I have ever had. Friendly office, great experience!”

“This is my first year as a patient with Ken and Karen Hovden, and I am so happy to have been referred to them. I’ve seen great improvements in my teeth (and jaw problems). They have the friendliest staff! I actually enjoy going to the Dentist 😀 I give them all the highest rating possible- IF you are looking for a new Dentist, this is the place to go!!”

“Dr. Hovden & his staff are all wonderful!”

“I am always impressed by how personalized care and professionalism of Dr. Hovden and his front office and clinical staff. I feel that my oral care and health is well managed by this organization and I fully trust all of the staff members in this office. I have been a lifelong patient of the Hovden dental family. I was a childhood patin of Ken’s mom while she was practicing and have been with Ken throughout his professional dental career. He is excellent at what he does and is always seeking and achieving new methods to improve his practice and insure that the most current methods are available to address the dental health of his patients along with the aesthetic aspects of dentistry which I believe, really do improve the quality of life of those he serves.”

“I considered cosmetic dentistry for a long time to improve my smile… Having now completed the procedures with Dr. Hovden and his team, I am wishing that I had not waited so long! The whole process was easy and painless, and I could not be happier with the results, which easily exceeded my expectations. For the first time in memory, my teeth aren’t too small for my mouth, and I really like my smile! Not surprisingly, I seem to be smiling a lot more, and thoroughly enjoying the view in the mirror. Dr. Hovden is clearly a consummate professional who enjoys his work and brought all his considerable skills and artistry to bear on my smile.”

“I am very happy because Dr. Hovden and his team did a great job. They gave the pleasure to smile and to laugh without fear that somebody will see my teeth.

Thank you Dr. Hovden! Thank you Andrea and Colleen. Thank all of you for the renewal of my confidence in myself.”

“I am 62 years old and I have worn dentures since I was 28. Recently, I had a dental implant procedure and for the first time in all of those years, I feel like my teeth are natural. I am very pleased with the results. Also, the implants procedure, for the most part, was relatively with little pain or discomfort.

I found Dr. Hovden and his staff to be very professional, helpful and accommodating.”

“I am very happy with the work you have done. The veneers on the upper teeth are beautiful. You are a true professional and a cosmetic dentistry artist. You deserve all the recognition you have received.”

“I have to start by saying how amazed I am at the amount of trust and confidence Dr. Hovden and his team have been able to instill in me over the past several years. If you looked in the dictionary under Dental Phobia you would certainly have found my picture. I can now readily admit that I no longer fear going to or even hearing the word dentist.

When I began discussing my treatment it seemed like a never ending task and I had great doubt as to whether or not I could even follow through with our plans. It is amazing how quickly it all came together and how much we have accomplished.

The concept of a team approach to understand and address my entire dental program was instrumental to this success. The team; Dr. Ken Hovden and Dr. Robert Lamb addressing Dental Restoration and Implants, Dr. Caren Hovden handling Orthodontics, Dr. Kasey Li for major Orthognathic Surgery, Dr. Terri Homer my initial Dental Anesthesiologist, and my wife Barbra for incredible support, made this process a tremendous success. It was this holistic approach that I credit not only for saving my life but also for making it possible for me to follow through with routine dental care.

The communication, trust, empathy and caring that developed among this team made a difficult and lengthy process a huge success and has made a major change in my life. I can now eat, sleep and function in a much healthier fashion and can enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life that had eluded me for many years. I thank each and every one of the team for their professional and personal attention and care.”

To receive more testimonials or to become a satisfied patient yourself, contact our South San Francisco area office or fill out the form on the right of this page and we will be happy to talk with you.

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