Am I A Candidate For Porcelain Veneers?

Pretty much everyone wants to have a perfect smile. With porcelain veneers and Dr. Ken Hovden’s smile makeover talent, you can claim that dream smile you’ve always wanted for your very own.


porcelain veneers for a smile makeover with a South San Francisco dentist PacificaGetting a smile makeover does not need to be an invasive procedure or surgery. Due to the advances in dental technology (and porcelain veneers specifically), having porcelain veneers added to your smile is no longer a difficult or painful procedure.

Porcelain veneers must be custom-fit to each patient’s particular tooth structure. Your veneers will be created especially for you to ensure that they will fit perfectly. Because very detailed dental work is involved and the veneers are not indestructible, it is important to be sure that the procedure and the placed veneers are perfect for you.

While porcelain veneers can address many cosmetic dental issues, you have to be sure that the option of permanent or removable dental veneers is the right choice for you.


We here emphasize again that Dr. Hovden will partner with you to make the best decisions regarding your smile makeover and will not push porcelain veneers on you if there are better options for you. With that said, typical teeth veneer smile makeover patients we treat have one or more of the following dental issues:
teeth veneer services for cosmetic dentistry in Daly City
TEETH STAINING | Smoking, coffee, tea, soda, medication, certain foods, etc. are common teeth stain sources. Regardless of the cause, teeth veneer options can brighten your smile right up!

CROOKED TEETH | One of the most common smile makeover requests we get is for help straightening a smile. Porcelain veneers are a phenomenal solution for crooked teeth.

FRACTURED / BROKEN TEETH | If you have broken or fractured teeth, a teeth veneer smile makeover may be perfect for you. However, depending on the severity of the fracture or break, you may need a dental crown. Don’t worry though! Dr. Hovden utilizes dental crowns when needed in smile makeovers as well.

GAPS | Porcelain veneers excel when utilized in smile makeovers involving closing gaps. No more embarrassing gaps for you!

MISSHAPEN TEETH | Whether you have a tooth or teeth which are too small or misshapen, porcelain veneers can make quick work of your smile makeover. Custom teeth veneer solutions will make your smile look like it was perfect from the day your adult teeth grew in.

If you believe you would be a good candidate for porcelain veneers, schedule a visit today. If you believe you would be a good candidate for porcelain veneers, schedule a visit today if you are in the South San Francisco – Pacifica area.