Your Health

Scientific data shows that a lifetime of oral health may be much more important than you think… problems with your dental health may often be warning signs of other serious underlying conditions. Having confidence in your dental care provider can truly make the difference in your overall health and longevity.

Do you know?
The rate of oral cancer is at an all time high, the condition being much more common than other forms including cancer of the liver, kidneys, brain, and the cervix? Regular check ups with your dentist can help you to avoid the serious complications associated with oral cancer.

You should be aware
Not only can gum disease cause pain and discomfort, it increases the possibility for bacteria to enter your bloodstream, opening the door for other dangerous health issues.

Your oral health could also be linked to the following conditions:

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE | Some studies show that gum disease can allow bacteria to enter into your bloodstream and travel to your heart, being the potential cause of numerous disorders including heart disease, stroke, clogged arteries, and more.

PREGNANCY | Scientists have linked gum disease to be the cause of some premature births. Bacteria can enter the placenta and cause very serious complications. Its important to remember that dental work during pregnancy is highly discouraged, so taking the necessary preventative measures is extremely important for both you and your baby’s health.

DIABETES | Many oral conditions can be caused by diabetes, including a higher risk of gum disease, dry mouth, cavities, and many others.

HIV/AIDS | One of the first signs of HIV/Aids presents itself in the mouth in the form of severe gum disease. Lesions or white spots found in the mouth can also be early warning signs and symptoms.

OTHER POSSIBLE CONDITIONS | There are many other health disorders that show early symptoms in the mouth well before you have any idea there may be a problem. Some of these include certain types of cancer, substance abuse, eating disorders, and many others.

Your overall health is our biggest concern … call us today to schedule an appointment for a regular check up!