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SHarp Park dentist near Pacifica and Linda MarDr. Ken Hovden – Your Pacifica Dentist

Dr. Ken Hovden is the trusting cosmetic dental professional near Pacifica with the experience to give you the best oral health solutions. The recipient of numerous awards including gold medals from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Hovden is the dentist that you can count on for specialized dental care if you are in the Sharp Park – Vallemar – Linda Mar area. Featured in numerous national publications, you can rest assured that Dr. Hovden will provide you and your family with the best dental practices and a foundation that will last a lifetime.

A beautiful smile portrays both confidence and strength. Dr. Ken Hovden understands it’s important for you to feel incredible about your smile. Whether you have stained, damaged, or missing teeth, Dr. Hovden is the dentist in the Pacifica area that has the experience you need to give you a breathtaking smile.

Perhaps a history of health issues or poor oral health habits may have caused permanent damage to your teeth. If you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. Hovden can help you with the solution of dental implants. Filling in any open gaps will not only stop your smile from shifting … it can greatly improve your self esteem.

As an expert in current dental technologies, Dr. Hovden is the cosmetic dentist that can return your smile to its former glory!

Say goodbye to sleepless nights! Dr. Hovden specializes in dental practices to alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms. Not only will you sleep better with our Sleep Apnea Treatment but it may improve your overall health as well.

Call our office in Daly City today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hovden, the most qualified and professional cosmetic dentist in the Pacifica area, including Sharp Park, Linda Mar, and Vallemar!