Veneers FAQs

What is a tooth veneer?
A tooth veneer, also known as a dental veneer, is a dental implement attached to teeth either permanently or temporarily. Dental veneers are usually utilized to resolve cosmetic dental issues. Dental veneers are also referred to as instant orthodontics.

What are instant orthodontics?
Instant orthodontics is the term applied to dental veneers or a tooth veneers ability to immediately straighten an entire smile or a portion of a smile. Though dental veneers do not actually straighten your teeth, the term instant orthodontic fits because dental veneers ability to straighten your smile.

What are the materials used for dental veneers?
The traditional materials used for tooth veneers are composite resins which is the material used for normal teeth filling in other dental procedures. Ceramics are also used for these devices. Porcelain veneers are widely considered the best option due to their strength and beautiful, opalescent appearance.

What dental problems can be addressed by dental veneers?
While veneers can be used purely for cosmetic purpose, it is also known as an effective solution for teeth staining (instant orthodontics), fractured teeth like small cracks and chips, dull or misshapen teeth surfaces (due to wear and tear) as well as to make small teeth look bigger.

How to take care of tooth veneers?
Taking care of your veneers is like taking care of your body. You can practically eat any thing you want but there are those things that you need to take in moderation — like hard food (but not prohibited), coffee, tea and other items that are known for causing teeth staining. You just have to observe proper oral hygiene like brushing your teeth and flossing regularly and visiting our practice at least twice a year for cleaning and to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Note that veneers are attached to your natural teeth, which means they need to remain healthy.

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