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Oral health

Our Top Five Great Toothpaste Recommendations

When it comes to maintaining good oral health in California, using toothpaste is an essential part of daily dental hygiene. Toothpaste helps to remove plaque and food particles from teeth, preventing cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues. It also freshens your breath which makes for a good starting point for social success. With

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The Vital Link Between Oral Health and Overall Well-Being in San Francisco

In the intricate tapestry of our body’s health, a thread often overlooked is the profound connection between oral health and overall well-being. As the gateway to our body, our oral cavity is pivotal in influencing our general health. Kenneth Hovden DDS, nestled in the heart of San Francisco, is at the forefront of understanding and

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Oral Cancer: Early Diagnosis Makes A Big Difference

Cancer remains one of the scariest diagnoses anyone can get. Oral cancer is especially frightening, because it generally has a higher mortality rate than other cancers. Please keep reading this post from Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City, because we actually have some encouraging things to tell you. The reason that the death rate for

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For A Healthier Smile, Stop Doing This

Your teeth can last a lifetime. With regular checkups at Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City and a few daily precautions, you’ll go a long way toward making sure they do. If you do any of the following, we recommend that you stop: Chewing sugared gum all day. Cavities, a sore jaw, or compromised bridgework

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Foaming At The Mouth: Are You Brushing Right?

In this post from Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City, we explore some specifics about brushing your teeth. One key to getting the most out of your toothpaste is getting plenty of foam when brushing. Working up a good foam is brought about by pre-wetting the toothbrush, then brushing at a 45 degree angle. The

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3 Reliable Steps To Find The Best Daly City, California Dentist

Looking for a new dentist? Maybe you’re new in town, or maybe you’re just looking for a change. Whatever the reason, Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City has some suggestions you may find useful. It isn’t a decision you want to make lightly. Ideally you should establish a relationship that you can count on for

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Not Happy With Your Dentist?

Looking for a new dentist? It’s easy to find one. A quick Google search, a Yelp review or two, and you’ll have a short list of possibilities. The trick is finding a dentist you’re happy with! At Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City, we’re proud of our positive online reviews. Even so, knowing whether a

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Do I Need A Dental Cleaning If I Brush And Floss At Home?

This blog post from Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City focuses on professional teeth cleanings. You might wonder if you need a professional dental cleaning if you already brush and floss every day at home. The answer is yes: both are important, because they work together to maintain your dental health. We encourage patients to

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Patient Education Improves Dental Outcomes

The more you know, the better off you are. That’s a general truth that applies to a lot of things in life, and that includes dentistry. At Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City, we want all our patients to be as informed as possible about the procedures they have. A question that patients bring to

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Kenneth Hovden DDS In Daly City Is Accepting New Patients

At Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City we are accepting new patients. This works both ways, of course: if we’re seeing you for the first time, then you are seeing us for the first time. Rest assured, we are committed to excellence and to helping you maintain good dental health. It’s natural to be a

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