Trip to the Dominican Republic

Finally getting caught up now that my daughter and I are back from the Dominican Republic Humanitarian Trip. It was GREAT! Our group of 26 from the U.S., 6 Dr.’s and their teams were joined by 6 Dominican Dr.’s to privide care for over 125 patients a day. We partnered with Esperanza, a non-profit making micro loans to the very poor to help them see a way out of poverty. Part of Esperanza’s pledge is to help with their clients medical and dental needs thus our group. The patients we met were wonderful people, very friendly and grateful for the work we did. My first clinical day I met a young 18 year old pitcher with a 91mph fastball, he lives in the same poor community Pedro Martinez grew up in. In fact we worked in a facilty built by Pedro for his community. Our next day we toured historic Santo Domingo and saw the first church in the New World. The next four days were spent in differrent communities providing care. Very tough conditions- very hot, very humid had a lot of the team collapsed from over heating. Conditions were very rustic, we provided everything. Our leader Dr. Roy Hammond from Utah did a great job coordinating our trip.  After the four days of care, we started at 7am and finished about 6pm we enjoyed a day at a beautiful beach resort trying to get our energy back fro the 16 hour trip home.  My daughter and I came back different people, very appreciative for what we take for granted here in the United States.