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general dentistry

5 Reasons To See Daly City’s Truly Amazing Dentist, Dr. Hovden

When we are young, we feel invincible. We think we will live forever, and we know more than our parents. As we age, we soon discover that invincibility fades, forever isn’t as long as we thought, and we begin to appreciate the collective wisdom of those who have gone before us. Since you have probably

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Crooked Teeth And Cavities

Many dental patients in and around San Francisco hold the belief that orthodontists only change the look of your teeth. Consequently, they think that the only reason to find an orthodontist in the San Mateo, Pacifica, or Half Moon Bay area is if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry. The fact is that your ability

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Smokeless Is Not Harmless For Daly City Tobacco Chewers

Hello Daly City dental friends. Today’s topic is ‘The Dangers Of Smokeless Tobacco’. Cigarette sales at most Daly City stores have decreased in the past decade, but some Daly City tobacco consumers have switched to smokeless products. There is a common misconception in the San Francisco area (especially among teens) that smokeless tobacco is harmless.

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Quirky Dental Facts That May Surprise You

In today’s Kenneth Hovden DDS post, we share some fun facts about dentistry. Enjoy! Many dental patients are aware that before there was formal dental training and licensing, barbers often performed dental procedures. But did you know that blacksmiths also moonlighted as dentists?1 How would you like your dental visit to involve tools used to

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Relax. Your Teeth Will Thank You.

If you’re concerned about the effect stress can have on your teeth, schedule an appointment with Kenneth Hovden at Kenneth Hovden DDS today. We offer a broad scope of preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental services including restorative dentistry, sleep apnea and snoring, TMJ treatment, and Invisalign.

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10 Terrific Tooth Tips From Kenneth Hovden DDS

10. If you are looking for an excellent dentist in the Daly City area, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Hovden at Kenneth Hovden DDS. At Kenneth Hovden DDS, we provide gentle, quality care for children and adults. Talk to us about preventative, restorative, cosmetic, or children’s dentistry. We look forward to serving you.

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San Francisco Parents Need To Understand The Importance Of Baby Teeth!

And, finally, tooth decay and infection can be passed down from baby teeth to permanent teeth as they develop below them. That’s not what you want for the teeth that San Francisco kids are going to have for the rest of their lives. You may be setting them up to need cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers and dental implants.

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Toothbrush Wars in San Francisco

The pressure you put on your gums with either type of toothbrush is important. Some San Francisco residents say that it’s difficult to know how much pressure they use with electric toothbrushes, while others say that because of the quick electrical movements, they tend to be more gentle on their gums than when they use manual brushes. You may want to try them both to see what your brushing style is and discuss it with your San Francisco dentist.

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“Keep Your Teeth Safe, Daly City”

I’m Dr. Kenneth Hovden, a concerned Daly City dentist and fitness enthusiast, and I want to talk to you today about mouth protectors.

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“Soft, Medium, or Buzz Lightyear?”

At Kenneth Hovden DDS, Dr. Hovden is often asked how to choose the most basic tool of oral hygiene, the toothbrush.

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