Can I Ignore a Cracked Tooth if it Doesn’t Hurt?

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You may have heard that tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body. It is, but here’s a reminder from Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City: it isn’t indestructble, and if you crack a tooth you should have us look at it as soon as possible.

A tooth may become crackded as a result of trauma, or from biting down too hard on a solid object such as ice.

A cracked tooth may or may not be a dental emergency. It depends on the severity of the crack, and where it is in your mouth. If it’s a minor crack we still recommend seeing us right away, but you can safely wait until normal business hours.

If, on the other hand, the crack is severe then you should seek help right away. This is especially true if there is a piece of the tooth missing. A small crack can treated with a filling. Larger cracks may require a protective dental crown.

A tooth that is cracked all the way through is a more serious matter. It may even require an extraction, followed by an implant.

Never ignore a cracked tooth! Seeing us at Kenneth Hovden DDS in Daly City is your first step in fixing it. Patients from San Mateo, Pacifica, and Half Moon Bay have entrusted their smiles to us for years. We offer complete general dentistry, and special services like dental implants. Schedule an appointment today!

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